The Restaurant Villa Fornari

Like the rest of the Relais our restaurant has warm, pleasant rooms and details have been carefully thought out to make it the perfect setting for your meetings.
Our five rooms, all air-conditioned and equipped with wireless technology, will ensure the right amount of privacy. We can accommodate up to 250 diners and in summer those of you who wish to dine al fresco can choose our garden which has splendid views of Camerino.
Perfect for all occasions, from romantic candle-lit suppers to meals with family and friends, from working lunches to the most important ceremonies in your life, with a special emphasis on weddings.


We work hard and dedicate a lot of passion to food and wine, because we think it is the most important part of hospitality.
Our chef, Giulio’s, cooking has its roots in regional culinary traditions, of sea and land, and is enriched by tastes and smells that come from all over the country and which exalt the excellent local produce that we are proud to use in our dishes.

Attention to seasonality, provenance and quality, an ethical choice which favours high-quality territorial cooking.
We have put the same passion and care into our wine cellar and have an excellent well-stocked wine list, born of an accurate selection and naturally also of our personal taste. We have given more room to regional wines which accompany traditional dishes best.