The happiest day

Your wedding day is a special day, unique, the crowning touch of a great love, shared with relatives and friends, with the people you love the most and who love you the most. Special care must be taken to welcome your guests and the choice of a location that is attentive to their requirements. A place that mixes aesthetics with practicality is the first step towards a wedding celebration that will never be forgotten.

Choosing Relais Villa Fornari

Choosing Relais Villa Fornari, a luxury early eighteenth century Villa set in the green hills of the Marche, means saving on expensive rentals: our Villa will be completely at your disposal, free of charge, but most of all it means being able to welcome your guests all year round in a magical atmosphere. We can accommodate up to 250 guests. We do only one wedding each day in order to devote our attention to you and your guests.

Panoramic garden

Thanks to the panoramic garden that surrounds the Villa we can organise outdoor events; your guests will be able to enjoy the wonderful views and children will have plenty of space to have fun in full safety. We also offer children’s animation so that parents can enjoy the celebrations. The Villa’s 14 rooms and two Suites can be booked for those guests who wish to stay the night – especially when the wedding ceremony is held in the evening.
If you put your faith in us we will be pleased to participate in the celebration of your wedding with two gifts; first of all, we will give you our best room: the Rosa Beri Suite will be yours for your wedding day until the afternoon of the next day; we will also arrange to have the Villa decorated and oversee the floral table decorations.